Alpine Earplugs SWIMSAFE Assorted

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Alpine Earplugs SWIMSAFE Silicone


The special acoustic filters in the SwimSafe earplugs make sure that you continue to hear enough around you. These earplugs also enable you to continue to be able to talk to people. Moreover, it does not give you that isolated sensation. SwimSafe earplugs are made from a soft thermoplastic material. Thanks to the warmth of the ear the earplugs adapt perfectly to the shape of the ear canal. This makes them very comfortable to wear. The earplugs are barely visible in the ear. The lifespan of SwimSafe earplugs depends on the frequency of use. Keeping the earplugs clean prolongs the lifespan. Unique product features: Prevents water from getting into your ears. Very comfortable to wear thanks to thermoplastic material. Easy to put in, fits every ear. Special filters prevent isolated sensation. Communication with surroundings retained. Almost invisible inside the ear. Highly durable.

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Estação ↓ primavera 2024
Composição Silicone
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